Elias Rios

My name is Elias Rios and I'm a Chicago Based photographer. I specialize in predominantly weddings and engagement photos, but I also take my fare share of family portraits, maternity shoots, and newborn pictures. I'm also passionate about fashion photography and that world as a whole. I find nothing more exciting than working on a set with a great collaborative group of people all working toward a unified goal. My goal as a photographer is to capture important and precious moments in the lives of my clients through my own unique scope. This job has introduced me to many great people in my life and has allowed me to connect with individuals from so many different backgrounds.

I'm also a student at Columbia College in Chicago and try to travel as much as possible in my free time. I'm a sucker for Europe and have my hands glued to my camera the moment I step off that plane. I'm a pretty big movie and television buff and I'm always open to discussing the human condition as it's represented in show's like The Walking Dead. That is all for now... 

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